New Patients

Whether you are new to physical therapy or just new to Somerset Hills PT, welcome! Our staff of qualified professionals is here to help you as you start on the road to rehabilitation. For your convenience we have outlined here a general blueprint of a patient's experience, including what you will need for your first visit.

Step One - Download New Patient Form
Click on our New Patient Registration Form to download and print a copy. At your convenience fill out this information to the best of your ability and bring it with you on your first visit.

Step Two - Your First Visit
On your first visit to Somerset Hills Physical Therapy you will need to do the following:

• Again, bring your completed registration form
• Also, bring insurance cards and any applicable therapy prescriptions
• Arrive about 10 minutes early to complete any additional paperwork with our staff
• It is recommeded to wear loose fitting clothes in order to be comfortable

Step Three - Therapist Interview / Exam
Using the information you provided one of our qualified physical therapists will sit down with you for an intensive interview to effectively understand your needs, answer any questions, and develop a treatment plan. This process may include stength, range of motion, and flexibility testing.