“I have so enjoyed working with you! It has not only been so very helpful, but such a pleasure as well. Thanks so much!” -Priscilla M, Basking Ridge

“How can I ever thank you for all of the TLC I experienced here? I appreciate all your effort and help, above all, your kindness. May God continue to bless your endeavors to help all who enter here” -Sister Andrea

“I can’t believe how much better my knee is feeling! Tis a miracle and I do appreciate all of your efforts." -Nancy B, Basking Ridge

“Thank you very much for all the care you have given me. It was an amazing change from almost no function, to normal movement in my daily activities.  Also, your staff was wonderful- very thoughtful and caring. Thank you.” -Connie D, Basking Ridge

“I feel great! The doctor was pleased and I am back to work with no restrictions.” -Arlene P, Bedminster

“Thank you for getting me and my ankle back in shape. You’re a great group to work with. I enjoyed my time rehabing.” -Mike F, Mendham

“I want to sincerely thank you all for the tremendous assistance you have provided me. The program you set out for me has been excellent and my progress under your watch has been nothing short of fabulous! You have continued to increase the level of difficulty and challenges in my program, enabling me to gain a better balance and walk more confidently than I had in a great while. Thank you, thank you!"-Sandy S, Basking Ridge

"As someone who recently had total knee replacement of each knee within 15 months, I cannot sing the praises of Somerset Hills Physical Therapy loudly enough.  Combined with the love and prayers of my family and friends, my sessions there helped me immeasurably in my recuperation.

Owned by Sarah McParland and Shelly Meltzer, these two lovely women have amazingly assembled a staff that is without exception capable, competent, caring, compassionate and what, in my opinion is a huge plus, unfailingly cheerful.

I referred to my therapy sessions there as entering a cocoon of warmth and love.  No matter how not-so-great I may have been feeling as I entered their bright airy location, their can-do attitude and “we’ll help you meet your surgeon’s goals” mentality really lifted my spirits and while I didn’t exactly dance out of the office, I was definitely feeling much more hopeful and optimistic about my progress as I exited.

I can honestly say I have never met an employee of SHPT that I didn’t like nor have I ever met anyone who utilized their services who wasn’t thoroughly pleased with them. I highly recommend them”      -Bunny B, Basking Ridge

“ I so appreciate the extra time and concern you have shown me for the past six months. Thank you for listening, reassuring and guiding me. I feel lucky to have found you during this challenging time in my life.” -Judy B, Basking Ridge

“I don’t know if anyone looks forward to PT sessions, but I did. I appreciated your caring, sensitivity and expertise. After each session I felt great and without your help I couldn’t have made the progress I did. Thank you for all your help!” - Bernadette K, Basking Ridge

“Thank you for the wonderful care I received while in your hands, both literally and figuratively. Going to my PT sessions was something I looked forward to and was not only good for my body but also for my soul.”     -Elisabeth B, Basking Ridge